I is for Inconvenience

a-to-z-letters-iToday was going to be the day I posted photos from Idaho State Gymnastics Championships… that post will now be “M is for Meets” (April 15th is “M”).

On the way to work this morning I was driving along and went “bump-bump” over something in the road. Then I heard “clang-clang-clang-clang” in rhythm with my tires and thought, “That can’t be good.”

I pulled over at a gas station and got out of the car and saw a metal object in my tire and heard air hissing out the center of the object.

Metal Object in My Tire

Metal Object in My Tire

I watched my tire deflate very quickly before my eyes. Bummer, but not the end of the world, just a moderate inconvenience.

My VERY Flat Tire

My VERY Flat Tire

As I was texting my boss to let him know my situation, the emissions van guy walked over with a phone book, that was nice. I could have searched on my phone but the phone book was a nice CONVENIENCE. 😉

The tow truck guy showed up fairly quickly and he changed the tire in about 5 minutes, I was impressed. I was only an hour late to work, not bad at all.


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