F is for Flash

a-to-z-letters-fI could not think of a word for “F” so I used an online random word generator and, after a few trials and errors, found an “F” word that resonated with me. And, yes, it has to do with gymnastics.

So how does “FLASH” relate to gymnastics? No FLASH photography! (By the way, think about that when you view my gymnastics photos: no flash was used.)

In fact, the word “FLASH” very much caught my attention over the State Championships weekend. As unofficial team photographer, I made point to go to each session that included gymnasts from my daughter’s team. The way the schedule worked, I went to two sessions on Friday (Level 7 and 8), four sessions on Saturday (Level 6, Level 5 x2, and Xcel), and two sessions on Sunday (Level 4 x2).

While I was at the first Level 5 session, the MC came out and asked everyone to remember that there was no flash photography allowed because it distracted the girls and he was seeing some flashes in the crowd. While I was at the second Level 5 session, the MC had to say it again. I thought to myself, “I never heard him say that in the first three sessions, interesting.”

Then he said it again while I was at the Xcel session and again at the first Level 4 session…

It just struck me as humorous that I never heard him have to reiterate the no flash rule during the first few sessions, even the 3hrs of my daughter’s Level 6 session, but I heard it at almost every session after that, even though sometimes I wasn’t even at the session very long.

I guess those of us with kids in the upper levels know the drill much better. Plus, our kids are doing much more dangerous things so we probably respect the rule a little more since we understand how it is keeping our own child safe. 🙂


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