D is for Dog

a-to-z-letters-dAs promised, today is about my dog. He is a great dog. He is a two year old German Shepherd and he is just the gentlest dog.

He is a little spoiled, I admit. He knows that he can steal used napkins and food scraps from the garbage and I will just send him outside with them instead of taking them away from him. Most of the time I try to have something heavy on top of the trash can lid so he can’t get into it but sometimes I forget and he can steal something and take it outside to eat.

He also knows that if he looks at me all sad-eyed that I’ll give him treats so even when I’ve just fed him he’ll “beg” for treats instead of eating. He is not allowed to actually whine for treats but he will sit in front of the shelf that has treats and look at me, then look at the shelf, then look back at me.

He also is encouraged by my daughter to be a lap dog. He takes up the whole love seat but the both love it so I try to keep my mouth shut. Take a look, how can you say “no” to that?

Our "lap dog"

Our “lap dog”


2 thoughts on “D is for Dog

  1. Dogs are such loyal pets. just last night at church someone told me about their three year old Labrador Retriever fetching the paper from their delivery box every morning.

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