B is for Blue

a-to-z-letters-bAs I said in the last post, new workout groups for gymnastics have been posted. I now know that all the little tikes in her previous RED group has moved into this new BLUE group plus some extra little tikes from previous GREEN group. Over the next week or two I hope to figure out where some of the taller kids from her previous RED group ended up.

I also wonder if, in the next few weeks, there will be any grumblings about not getting assigned to BLACK group. See, for the last few years the compulsory groups have been split among various colors for workouts but the optional levels were all combined in the BLACK group. And, as far as gymnastics goes, you’ve “made it” once you get to optional levels. So in my daughter’s gym you’ve “made it” when you got to BLACK group.

But the thing is, in the previous years we’ve had 1 to 4 girls per optional level so the BLACK group was about 8 or 10 girls. There are 5 little tikes from the RED group that will most likely be optionals this year so I think the coach had to split the optionals into two groups because he had too many girls (tough problem… NOT). And I know that the little tikes use different settings, particularly on the bars, so I can see why he made up a new color for the little tikes that are going to be working toward optional skills next competition season.

But I haven’t seen the new BLACK group yet so I’m curious to see who’s in the BLACK group and who’s not and to listen to who’s upset about their daughter not getting into the BLACK .


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