A is for April

a-to-z-letters-aToday is the first day of the A to Z blogging challenge. April 1st, 2013. It is also the first day of the new gymnastics season.

I am looking forward to going to the gym tonight to see which girls are in which workout groups. I wonder if the “Three Musketeers” will be split up or not. (That’s my daughter, her friend from school, and her best friend from gym.)

We will also start missing some girls tonight. I already know of some that quit as soon as they finished the state championships meet last weekend and I am sure there will be more that quit now that they’ve seen their workout schedule (i.e. decide that it’s too tough).

The coaches work hard to try to keep the focus OFF who’s moving up a level and who’s staying at the same level, especially this time of the year (since it could change by meet season), but we all try to guess if our girls have a chance of moving up a level (or not) based on these new workout assignments. So there may be some upset parents and kids tonight when everyone sees who’s where for the new groups…

It should be an interesting night.


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