Maybe I’m a true “Blogger”

When I was on Posterous, I felt like it was just a cool way to send my Facebook updates… but now that I’m on WordPress, I feel like I might be on my way to becoming a blogger.

Today I accidently found out about a challenge for bloggers for April – Blogging from A to Z April challenge.


A post a day (except Sundays) based on the appropriate letter of the alphabet. It’s like Lent for bloggers except a month late. 🙂

I going to do it!


2 thoughts on “Maybe I’m a true “Blogger”

    • Thanks for the comment. I checked out your blog and you seem closer to being a real blogger than I am. 🙂 I also double-checked, I am on the A to Z April Challenge list so I hope to get more visitors over the next few weeks and learn about more fellow bloggers, too.

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