Gymnastics is never “done”

This week is spring break for most of the schools in town so my daughter’s gym is giving the gymnasts this week of from gym, too.

Most of the state’s schools are on spring break this week. Our state USAG board takes that into consideration and usually schedules state championships for the first weekend of spring break (last weekend). By the way, I’m still working on sorting through photos… those may be posted tonight or tomorrow… but that’s not the point of this post… the point of this post is that my daughter had state championships last week, she has this week off from gym, and on Monday she starts training for next year.

Each spring break the coaches reorganize the workout groups based on size, skill level, and work ethic. The groups are organized by color NOT by level – this past season most of the girls in my daughter’s group (Team RED) were level 6’s but there were a few level 5’s in the group. Team RED worked out 4-8pm M-W-F and had an optional 3:30-8pm Th workout (only 3 girls, including my daughter, worked out on the extra day).

I just got the new schedule – big changes – her group is going to be called Team BLUE and the optional day is Wednesday, not Thursday… ok, not so big… 😉

Buuuut….. the e-mail was sent in a way that none of the recipients were visible and only the BLUE workout schedule was included, I will be interested in finding out who’s in her group come Monday and trying to figure out the other groups and their workout schedules…

So gymnastics season is done… oh wait.. I mean, gymnastics season is starting up again on Monday… since it’s NEVER done. 🙂


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