Pot of Gold – March 9, 2013

We are SOOOO tired!

Em’s meet session was supposed to start at 5:30pm but it did not actually start until about 6:15. Awards started around 9:30… we were finally at dinner (yes, dinner) at 10:15PM!

But it was her best meet this season – all 8s!

The age group breakdown was 8-11, instead of 9-10, which pitted her against quite a few older girls, and she did great! There were at least 12 girls in her group, maybe more – I was tired by awards. Oh, and there was no roster so I can’t look back and count how many girls were in her age group since there’s no record…

They started on vault and she got an 8.3 – I was glad to see it break 8.0 since last meet she got a 7.9… that got her a 9th place finish.

Then bars where she scored a phenomenal 8.825 and secured 3rd place. A team mate’s mom was up taking photos with me and as soon as Em landed her dismount (totally stuck it, too), the mom said, "That was beautiful."

Next was beam where she actually managed to land her back walkover, getting an 8.15 which landed her in 8th place, incredible!

Finally, floor… it was almost 9pm by the time they hit floor and on her first warm-up passes she totally fell on her butt and side on her front tuck. I sent up a small prayer that she would just get through floor without getting hurt since State is only two weeks away… so when she scored an 8.35 and all her limbs were intact I was very happy.

Adding that all up gave her a 33.625 all-around which was 8th place.

I added the awards photos – she’s smiling for the vault one… EXTREMELY PROUD for the bars one… starting to lose focus for beam, getting more distracted for floor, and by the all-around award she was so concerned with something in the back of the room that she forgot to salute. That will lend itself to some cute captions in her year-end photo book that I’m making. 🙂

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