Another reason to eat at #OliveGarden

This weekend we went to Olive Garden as part of our post-meet tradition.

We ordered, we ate our salad, we munched on our appetizer, and we sat and talked, and talked.

Then the waitress came by to box our appetizers and apologized for the wait on our entrees.

Then she came back to apologize again about the wait and asked if she could do anything for us.

We said, somewhat jokingly since we weren’t all that upset about the wait, that she could buy our wine.

She said she could pay for it out of her pocket which we responded to by saying, "No, no, no, not out of your own pocket, we’re fine."

Then she said she would get the manager to see what the manager could do.

The manager came back and said she was picking up the whole bill, including dessert if we wanted to order it.

We did order dessert but only because we were always planning on it.

But I don’t think we would have gotten a free meal if we had been more belligerent and obnoxious about the delay in the entrees….


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