18 degrees? How did that happen?

I have a very spoiled Siamese cat who is about 15 years old. During the 0-10 degree weather this winter I got her all set up in the finished basement with a litter box, her food, and cat toys so that she would not have to go outside and she would not be trapped upstairs in less than 1/4 of the square footage due to the large German Shepherd that roams the main floor.

She was amenable to this arrangement, even started getting a little fat in her easy existence. Lately, though, she’s been getting cabin fever… not unusual for this time of the year. So last night when she managed to negotiate her way across the main floor area over to the front door while the dog was outside I thought, sure… you can go outside if you want, it’s almost 50 out there and it’s only been dropping to mid 30s at night lately.

This morning the first thing I noticed when I turned off the alarm on my phone was that it was 18 degrees outside. Where did that come from? I was sincerely hoping that my cat would be at the front door when I got down there, not frozen somewhere in the bushes of some neighbors yard. Yes, I know, she’s probably not really that fragile, but I was glad to hear her complaining at the front door before I even got down there…

I wonder how long it will be before she tries to go outside again… probably a few weeks… by then it should be nice and warm out there… maybe.


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