Queen of Hearts Invitational – February 16, 2013

It’s so fun for the girls to get to compete in a professional arena, and I like being able to go all the way around the competition field to get good pictures. I think I got some really cool pix this time. Em said mulitple times that evening and the next day how fun the meet was, I think it’s because the facility is so nice, it makes them feel important and special.

Em did really well, she gets stronger every meet but it was hard not having any break between Vegas and Queen of Hearts. She got sick the day after the Queen of Hearts meet but it was just a cold, some of her teammates came down with strep after the Vegas meet so I’m glad we only dealt with a cold.

At this meet, the organizer not only breaks up the girls into each age group but also has a special award for the best girl on each event regardless of age. Because of this, there were overall ranks posted plus by age group rankings. So I will post SCORE, AGE GROUP RANKING, OVERALL RANKING. And for perspective, there 17 girls competing at level 6 and 8 of them were in her age group (including her, and her age group was the youngest age group). Lastly, they gave medals for 1st-6th for her age group so she medaled in two events (vault and bar).

Vault: 8.825, 6th, 9th
Bars: 7.625, 5th, 8th
Beam: 7.625, 8th, 16th
Floor: 8.100, 7th, 16th

All-Around: 32.175, 7th, tied for 13th.

So here it goes – 35 photos by e-mail to my new WordPress blog, hope it works

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