Ice Breaker Invitational – January 12, 2013

Woohoo! We went to Twin Falls for the weekend and Em competed in a gymnastics meet.

She did really well, too. There were 10 girls in her group and they gave out medals for 1st-5th.

She started on beam with a 7.775, a very solid score, although she did not place. Another Wings girl, who scored just .05 points higher got 5th place.

Then she went to floor where she got a 7.325. Another solid score for her although, again, she did not place, floor is not her strongest event.

Then she went to vault where she scored just .075 points behind some of her fellow Wings gymnasts. She got an 8.475, which got her 4th place. Two of her fellow gymnasts tied for second with an 8.55.

She finished up on bar where she outscored all three of her fellow Junior A Wings gymnasts with an 8.05 which got her 3rd place.

Add up her scores and you’ll see that her all-around score was a very respectable 31.625 which placed her in 5th place.

So she qualified for state championships, AGAIN. 🙂 It’s a thing gymnasts do, they have to get a 30 all-around to qualify for state championships (in Idaho, it varies state by state, I think) so even when they’ve already qualified at a previous meet, they still take note that they qualified again.

Oh, and I guess my suspicions about her not wanting to beat her fellow team mates were unfounded. I forgot to tell her about the bribe system I wanted to implement but even without that she was VERY excited about the fact that she beat a certain team mate on bars; and pretty proud to have been the BEST Wings girl on bars.

And, just to let you know –
  • The awards photo with her banging her hand into her fellow Wings gymnast’s face is for vault.
  • The awards photo with her absolutely beaming on the third place podium spot is for bars.
  • The awards photo with her holding an actual trophy on the fifth place podium is the all-around. Wings girls took second, third, fifth, and seventh (out of 10, or maybe only 9, I can’t remember now).



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