Teddy Bear Classic – December 15, 2012

I was disappointed by Em’s performance at the Teddy Bear Meet, I admit…she totally bombed on beam but her coaches just shrugged their shoulders and said, “She’s not consistent.” So I guess she needs to work on consistency.

I was also disappointed by the gym set-up. With everything so squished together and the upper viewing area closed off, I had a hard time getting any good photos. Most of my photos are focusing on the equipment between me and Em instead of her.

Em was disappointed, too, because she only got one bear. They only gave bears for 1st-6th place for each event, she placed 7th in most events and 8th in one (the aforementioned beam). Everyone gets a bear for their all-around placement but the 1st-6th place get better bears, she got 8th all-around (her beam score was REALLY BAD). So Em got 4 participation ribbons and one participation bear.

Her scores:

Floor: 7.850 (7th)

Vault: 8.100 (7th)

Bars: 7.350 (7th)

Beam: 5.700 (8th)

All-around: 29.00 (8th)

I am suspicious that she didn’t want to do better than certain friends on the team so before the next meet I am implementing a reward system to try to bribe her to do better than her friends, try to awaken a little bit of competitive spirit in her. We’ll see if that works…



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