Just got a new job – I hope it was the right thing to do…. I start on January 2nd so the + is that I can enjoy the holidays.

But why am I not sure it was the right thing to do?
It is a temporary assignment (10-12 months) with no benefits (no paid vacation, no health insurance). I'm not entirely sure I will be making any more than I am now on unemployment insurance.
But unemployment insurance only lasts 26 wks, which is about 6 months… and now I am "in" the company so maybe I can transition into a permanent position.
One manager did accept my application for a permanent position and said he would find the right person for it…
I am trying to consider this job as paid networking. Obviously it's not a new career since it's only 12 months max.
My mom is taking me for a pedicure to celebrate. 🙂

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