Photos from the practice meet!

We are finally recovering from the practice meet on Friday night. It is amazing how tiring it is to sit in those bleachers for 4 hours. And I surprised myself by letting out a loud “WOOHOO” when she stuck her back tuck on her final tumbling pass on the floor.

No scores were announced to the parents because it was a practice meet and there weren’t official judges; although some of the coaches are certified judges. Even the girls didn’t get told scores on everything but Em did get feedback on her floor routine that she would have gotten an 8.0…

That is encouraging for two reasons:

  1. Floor was her worst event last year and it is already in the 8’s this year.
  2. We had set a very soft goal of getting 8’s by February because that should be good enough to place in Vegas. (Keep in mind that in gymnastics meets they usually give medals through 8th to 10th place, depending on the meet so “placing” would be in the top 10.)

Great fun, I’m excited about this season. Next is Judges’ Cup on December 1st. We will get scores for Judges’ Cup but no medals. The girls leave the meet not knowing how they did but the judges’ give scores with notes about deductions to the coaches. At practice the next week the coaches go over the notes with each girl and then she gets to take home her certificate with the scores.

Therefore, don’t expect my post about Judges’ Cup until the 4th or the 5th of December. 🙂



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