Out of the mouths of babes – 9/11 memories

Em is in charge of the flag today and is excited that she “gets to” put it at half-mast. But you have to forgive a nine-year-old child for not understanding the enormity of sadness that a half-mast flag represents and not just today.

She asked last night why the flags were going to be at half-mast today and the conversation went something like this.

Adults: eleven years ago two planes flew into The Towers and…

Em: wait, how did two planes crash into these towers?

Adults: they didn’t crash by accident. Very bad men took over the planes and flew them into…

Em: how did they take over the planes?

Adults: well, they got into where the pilots are… (skeptical face on Em) you see, they had weapons – box cutters, like knives…

Em: wait, so you’re telling me that no one checked the luggage back then?

Adults: Yes, exactly! This is why all that got put into place, because of what these men did.

We went on to explain more about what happened, how many planes were involved, where they crashed, how the passengers on one plane kept it from crashing into its original target even though they still died.

I don’t think she quite grasped the scale of it… I think she just though we were kind of stupid for letting it happen to begin with… I mean, how obvious is it that you need to search people’s luggage? Pretty obvious to a post 9/11 child… and that’s a whole other sadness born on this day so many years ago.

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