Don’t you just love cell phone updates?

Sunday morning I woke up and looked at my phone and saw it needed a restart to finish an install… so I said “yes” and restarted the phone.

Later, Em asked if she could play “Where’s My Water” on my phone and I said, “Sure.”

When I next looked at my phone, the locked screen no longer had a little puzzle piece to fit into the empty spot and when I unlocked it my wallpaper was no longer an active microby abstract – it was Em in Vegas after her gymnastics meet.

After some grumbling about how Em changes stuff on my phone when she borrows it, I poked around the different menus and realized my live wallpaper was just gone… I remembered the restart and humbly apologized to Em.

Then I went to the Play Store and downloaded a bubble wallpaper that has several choices for background and bubble colors. The bubbles float up and you can pop them and it keeps track of how many you pop and some of the bubbles are shaped like the Android driod. It’s cute.

I had origially set the background black and had pink bubbles but this morning I decided that was boring. I switched to a green background, it has more visible squiggly abstract designs in it; much more interesting. But I thought pink bubbles might not be right with green so I went to see what other colors were available for the bubbles.

That’s when I saw it: gold… green and gold… Sacred Heart colors… go Crusaders!

Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone


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