Bummed out right now. Won 2nd place in 2 #toastmasters speech contests but can’t brag @work cuz no1 cares. Boss calls TM a distraction.

Seriously, I am really starting to feel like a rebellious teen when I come to work.

When I started two years ago I was part of a lunch time Toastmasters club and I was working on my master’s degree in Instructional and Performance Technology.

After my boss told me he was worried my outside interests were distracting me at work – specifically mentioning both school and Toastmasters – I quit school and changed to an evening Toastmasters club.

He still thinks I am too distracted by personal stuff when I’m at work but I refuse to give up any more of my life for a job. My job is not my life.

I learned my lesson on that one at Micron – sacrificed family and personal interests for the demands of the job and then got dumped by the company when the going got tough.

I felt like my boyfriend had broken up with me when I got laid-off from Micron. I should not have felt that way – my job should not have felt like the most important relationship in my life.

So I am rebelling – I will not cut back on my personal interests and my personal relationships any more than I already have. In fact, I feel like making a point of taking on more personal stuff but I’m trying to rein in my rebellion and not let it go quite that far… trying….

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