A tip for managing Posterous Blogs

I don't know about other Posterous bloggers but I've been??having trouble getting e-mails from my phone to post to LinkedIn through autopost on my Posterous blog. If I go onto a computer after the fact and re-autopost, it works, but not the first time.
But I discovered a work-around that is not too painful. Once I've sent my e-mail to posterous.com and it has gone onto Twitter and Facebook, I can go into my Android Twitter app and very quickly share my tweet to my LinkedIn app and it actually posts. Since most of my posts are Facebook/Twitter destined only, it's not that big of a deal to go a send the occasion tweet onto LinkedIn, when I feel like it's appropriate.
This also eliminates the need for me to have two Posterous blogs, one for my main feed and one that sends things onto LinkedIn when it's appropriate.
I am very excited about this discovery, I was getting a little bit frustrated over my posts that I wanted on LinkedIn not getting there…

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