I just don’t get it. Can any of you former HS athletes explain? Why does my daughter sacrifice so much for a sport?

My daughter came home last night with her fall gymnastics schedule. Four hours a night, four days a week; as expected. But they want her to stay an extra half hour three days a week for either a short dance class or extra conditioning.

The family came bustling through the door last night talking about extra classes and the new schedule. Once I had the schedule in my hands I saw the notes about dance classes and conditioning sessions running M/T/W/T from 8 to 8:30.

As I start to understand how the babbling of my family fits in with the information on the sheet I say, “Oh, I see, they only want your group to go three days, not all four.”

And my daughter says in an excited voice (an *excited* voice), “Yes, and I want to do two dance and one conditioning.”

I just don’t understand. I didn’t understand when my claasmates were throwing up after a race at our HS track meets and I don’t understand now… but I will continue to support her and tell her how proud I am of her dedication and hard work. But maybe someone could try to explain it to me… although I am not sure I will ever understand.

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