April 18, 2012 – Make-Your-Own Antipasto Pasta Salad


I have to think of more “make-your-own” variations for dinner. Every one has been a success: make-your-own taco bar, make-your-own potato bar, and (the latest variation) make-your-own antipasto pasta salad bar. Okay, it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue but it was very well received.

Sure, my daughter’s pasta salad ended up consisting of pasta, parmesan cheese, and Greek feta salad dressing but she ate most of her salad. Even as she was asking me if she had enough “toppings” in her salad I was thinking, it is probably just as nutritous as straight mac & cheese. And the olives in the salad dressing have to count for something… are they a fruit?

I am thinking that we should have a “make-your-own” type dinner once a week and this version will definately be in the rotation.

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