Pot of Gold – March 10, 2012

State championships start tomorrow so I better get the last of the regular season meets posted. Emee competes Saturday at 10:30 so send her good wishes.
The Pot Of Gold meet on March 10th was her best meet yet. She landed her cartwheel on the beam and made her squat-on on the bars just in time to have them for State. She also got her highest score ever on floor. In fact, for this meet her floor was her highest score, it was previously her weakest event. Go Emee!
Here's the break down:
Floor was her 1st event, she got an 8.55. I can't remember where she placed because my camera battery died??right before awards. I was taking pictures of all the level 5 girls so I could give them to the person putting the slideshow together for the banquet in May so my camera was on basically the whole meet. I remember she got some green and/or gold ribbons which were 5th and 6th places but I don't remember which events.
Vault was her 2nd event, she scored a 7.6. She has worked very hard on her vault these last two weeks so, fingers crossed, maybe she'll get and 8 at state.
Third was beam, she got an 8.5 and I almost fell off the balcony… that was with going over time. It ends up that going over time is only a tenth of a point deduction while not getting her cartwheel at previous meets was 5 tenths. Since she was getting high 7s (like 7.8s and 7.9s) without her cartwheel, I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised. But I'm not a beam judge so I didn't realize how much that cartwheel was until other parents explained it to me at Pot of Gold.
Finally she was on bars. She got an 8.05 on bars, she looked great. She got her squat-on on the first try (it took three tries the meet before) and her turn before her dismount was a lot closer to horizontal than it has been in the past.
I do remember how she placed for all-around. With a score of 32.7 she placed 5th overall. Very good showing… she was very happy with her performance.
By the way – I am going to be taking more pictures of the other girls at State this weekend to help get more pictures for the banquet but I bought a backup battery so I should be good to go. 🙂



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