Hello!! This is news???

Here is an article letting everyone know that it is Oreo's 100th birthday…
The article is dated March 1st… What??!
Where have these people been for the last month? Don't they ever go grocery shopping?
I have seen the displays announcing Oreo's 100th birthday for at least three weeks –
My daughter pointed them out last week with a non-chalant – "Yep, there you go: Oreo's 100th birthday." (2/26)
The lack of enthusiasm is due to the fact that she pointed them out the week before. "Hey look!??That says it's??Oreo's 100th birthday."??(2/17)
The week??before that was when I noticed them for the first time (I was shopping solo). (2/10)
I get it, their actual birthday is March 6th, but since Nabisco has been hyping it up in stores for almost a month now, it makes this article seem like old news.

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