Simple pleasures

I admit I am a gal of simple pleasures… do you know what I really like about my new Android Samsung phone that my old Blackberry phone did not do? I will tell you??- it is VERY simple – I went into my calendar and deleted a function that I had planned tonight (it got cancelled due to the snowstorm)… now here's the important part: when I went back to my homescreen, the event was NO LONGER LISTED on my homescreen calendar snapshot. It used to DRIVE ME CRAZY that it took hours for my homescreen calendar to update on my Blackberry. And I'm not talking about changes I made on my cableone calendar (although those update quickly on my new phone, too), I am talking about changes I made on my phone calendar – the updates were not immediately posted to my homescreen.
I know, silly to care so much about a calendar snapshot on my cell phone but it makes me happy to see my CORRECT schedule of events over the next few days immediately updated on that little screen.

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