Quick update about the trip to Twin Falls

Just a quick update on the trip to Twin Falls – Emee did GREAT!
I don't have pictures uploaded to the computer, yet, I may get that done tonight but maybe not – we have Emee's diorama to work on because it is due on Wednesday and she has gymnastics until 8pm on Tuesday…
Let's see if I can get this right from memory: she got 2nd on Vault, 3rd on Beam, and 4th on Floor. I don't think her scores will be higher than Teddy Bear because they were scoring really tough but her routines looked a lot better than they have in the past so I still consider this meet an improvement over her previous ones. There are some skills she hit during the Teddy Bear that she missed this weekend but I'm not really surprised – December is one of her big growth spurts each year so she needs to re-adjust (happens every year).
We also visited Shoshone Falls, it was beautiful but icy – we didn't??venture into all of the different viewpoints because of the ice on the paths and the balconies but we still got pictures (beautiful pictures, I hope). I will upload those, too.
And we stopped at Malad Gorge, that was really beautiful – no ice to keep us from venturing out onto the pedestrian bridge to get great pictures – I will upload those, too. I was asking Emee if she got pictures of the gorge on her phone and she said that she forgot to take pictures when we were out on the bridge. So I said I was sure we would visit it again so she could get pictures another time and she said, "Yeah, like next year for the Twin Falls meet we'll stop there, totally."
All and all a very fun weekend.

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