I am not a #tigermom

This summer when my company had a family event at the zoo I secretly went on my own while my daughter went to her four hour gymnastics workout. I got comments from some coworkers that they let their kids skip whatever practices they had that night so they could go to the zoo on Aptina's dime… Well, I think that they probably "made money" on the deal since their kids were in rec sports (probably close to free) and they got to take their kids into the zoo and feed them for nothing… I, on the other hand, would have lost money on the deal since I would have spent more on the missed practice (no refund, there are makeups but with less direction from the coaches and for less time) plus probably getting a private lesson (since, as mentioned, the makeup wouldn't really have made up the missed instruction and workout) than I would have saved taking her into the zoo on Aptina's dime… the zoo is not really that expensive…
But today I am letting her skip gymnastics practice??so she can go ice skating with her friends from Club Kid Holiday Camp. See, I am not a "tiger mom" who thinks my daughter needs pushed to work hard and shouldn't have any fun. It's just that we can go to the zoo anytime so I didn't want her to miss four hours of practice when she was working her little (extremely strong but little) butt off to get to move up to level 5. But this week she has already worked out her "normal" 12 hours for the week and this was going to be an extra practice (which she did do last week – yes, you are reading that correctly, she worked out 16 hours last week) and she doesn't get to go to Ice World very often, especially not with her friends that only come to Club Kid on holidays (not on normal after-school days).
She is only eight… she does deserve to be a kid… she is totally dedicated to gymnastics, I am not worried about her losing her drive because of one trip to an ice skating rink. 🙂

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