Showing my geeky side…

So I've been working at Aptina a little over a year now and parts that I've worked on from their first run through the production line are starting to get highlighted in Aptina press releases. Am I a total geek to feel proud that my parts are in the news?? Probably – but I still want to share. 🙂
One of my parts recently got an award:

Aptina Surveillance Image Sensor Wins EDN China Best Product Award for Innovation

Another part was just officially announced as a "solution for high definition video imaging applications"

Aptina Announces Native 1080p System On Chip Solution For High Definition Video Imaging Applications

Geeky, I know??- but I think it's kind of fun to see my parts talked about in Aptina's press releases….

By the way – I also know that although I consider them "my parts" a lot of other people helped make these parts as good as they are; I am just a part of the effort.??But I still think it's cool to see these press releases and know that I had something to do with getting these parts performing well and, in some cases, winning awards.


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