Teddy Bear Challenge Second Event – Beam

Event order: Vault-Bar-Beam-Floor. So since Em started on the bar – she went to the beam second. I am going to have to pay more attention as I right these posts. I put Em's beam score down for the bar… Her bar score was 7.625 – which got her second place (that was right). Her beam score was 7.975 and I almost fell out of my chair when I saw it. Last year, as a level 4, she was getting beam scores in the 4-5 range up until early February. Last year she got her first beam score over an 8 when it counted most (State Championships) but this year she is already at the top in beam, it's so great. Her 7.975 score got her third place on beam.
By the way – beam is an event where I have a hard time trimming down the pictures. I think it is so amazing what those girls can do on the beam. And Em stuck her cartwheel so I have no less than SEVEN pictures of that cartwheel – moment by moment from feet off the beam to feet back on the beam.



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