Teddy Bear Challenge First Event – Bar

I had a small debate in my head about what order to post each event. There is an official order: Vault-Bar-Beam-Floor. That is the in which order the events are done, that is the awards are given. Whatever event a team starts on – they follow that order throughout the meet. I thought about just posting in order of the awards – which would be the same every time – but then I decided to post in the order that Em completed the events since I feel that the event on which she starts often dictates her success throughout the meet. This time she started on bars which Babu and I were nervous about. She had a big fall from the bars in October and she is still trying to recover her confidence. Babu and I are not sure if it was good to start there and get it over with or bad to start on an event on which she been spooked. Given her score and her place on the podium, I guess it was okay to start there: 7.975 (out of 10) which gave her a second place finish for bars.



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