First meet of the season – Teddy Bear Challenge 11/19/2011

Since the second meet of the season is tomorrow… I'd better get these pictures posted. I am trying something new this year. I am going to try to just pick a few really cool pictures from each event. You will see that I am better at that for some events than I am for others. I am also tacking on the relevant podium photo so that everything is together. I have a new REALLY FAST camera which, ironically, I noticed the most during the podium pictures. I kept the camera on "continuous" and was able to pick out the picture where Em was smiling from the ones where she was closing her eyes or looking concernedly at her bear or teammates… This post has some awesome cookies that one of the Wing moms made for the concessions stand, a pep talk by Coach David, Em's excited opening salute and her equally excited salute on the All-Around podium (4th place, not bad at all).



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