I don’t think they get it, or maybe I don’t get it… #socialmedia

Just checked my Facebook News Feed on my phone and found out that I should join the interactive living room and tweet live with Jeff Probst during tonight's all-new SURVIVOR…
I thought the whole point of social media, like Twitter and Facebook, was that I could send out thoughts and updates at convenient times for me – random times throughout my day, week, life – and then my "followers" and "friends" could read these various bits of wisdom at convenient times throughout their day, week, life…
Maybe I don't get social media…
Or maybe the various old school business types who are trying to be hip by trying to promote their brands on social media don't get it…
And I think it's funny that they are mis-using a new hip technology in order to combat another widely used piece??of??technology – my TiVo (and other various DVRs). I don't watch "Survivor" live so I'm not going to tweet about it live… even if tweeting was about live interaction with fellow tweeters, which I don't believe it is.
So not only are the networks showing their fear of me fast-forwarding through their sponsors commercials and of the death of "appointment T.V."… they are showing their lack of understanding about how I communicate with my fellow fans…

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