#Netflix and me… or should I say #Qwikster and me…

When Netflix first announced their change in subscription plans, I shrugged my shoulders: "Whatever." I read articles about people's outrage and thought to myself, "What do they expect? If you have a hot commodity, you charge more for it…"
But when I got my apology e-mail from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings I finally acted: I logged onto my Netflix account and switched to a cheaper plan: DVD in the mail only (2 at a time since that's the highest I could pick).
Years ago I was on the 5-at-a-time plan and I often sat hunched over my computer streaming movies and T.V. episodes that I was too impatient to wait to have mailed to me. I liked having several different styles of movies in the house at the same time to pick from and I also liked being able to go on a viewing binge on a favorite T.V. show using the streaming option.
But I'm lazy – I work in a technical job where I am using pieced-together in-house-coded applications that often have several hoops to jump through because they were not really designed, just hobbled together to get something specific and then expanded. I don't really feel like trouble-shooting cable connections and firewall issues at home so I never hooked any apparatus to allow Netflix to stream straight to my T.V.
Then I got laid off… so I cut back to the 2-at-a-time plan because that still allowed for??unlimited streaming to which I??still??wanted access since I also chopped my Showtime subscription.
Then my daughter started elementary school and my free time reduced a little bit.
Then my daughter??got invited onto a competitive gymnastic team and I joined Facebook so I could share her exploits (yes,??I am a late adopter… through laziness, see previous paragraph)?? and my free time reduced even more.
Then I got a new job that paid a salary??very close to my old one but is a 20 mile commute each way (my previous commute was??5.5 miles) and my free time reduced even MORE.
But since I was making "good" money again, I went back up to the 3-at-a-time plan so I could have more flexibility. Although I recognized that I spent less time watching T.V., I wanted to be able to have two movies and a DVD of T.V. episodes at any given time and if my daughter wanted a movie/T.V. show I would still be able to have a movie and a T.V. show for me…
When Netflix announced the price change, I thought, "Well, I'm making good money again. It is nice to have the option of the streaming even though I haven't used it for a while. I'll just not worry about it."
But when I saw the announcement about the split into two companies I thought, "Fine, you want me to pick? Well, then, I'll pick… I'll pick DVDs in the mail, nyaaa. Bet you didn't expect or want that!"
Here's an article I read today about the fact that Netflix maybe smarter than its customers:
Here's what I have to say about some of the comments made in the article:
  • I liked New Coke. My tastes are usually in the minority and New Coke was no different.
  • I don't own an iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Mac. I refuse to pay more for "coolness."
  • I left AOL because they thought they were smarter than me – that they knew how my e-mail and??browser should be set up better than I did.
  • I never shopped at Borders because it felt like a warehouse bookstore. I prefer Barnes and Noble because they have book readings and coffee shops right in the store.
  • I bought my first digital SLR camera last year and have decided to go back to film because my pictures look flat.
So, I guess what I'm saying is that although Hastings maybe trying to push us toward his vision of what Netflix will be in 2020 I'd rather he just left me here at the side of the road and I'll catch up in 2025 or so…

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