Kip hands – made by tea and #carmex

Here are pictures my daughter's hands after gym practice on Wednesday night and then on Thursday night. On Wednesday night, she had not yet achieve a kip on her own but she had two big blisters (she calls them "tears") to show for all her hard work that day.
That night I wet some tea bags using hot tap water, put one tea bag on each blister, and wrapped her palms in gauze bandages and athletic tape so the tea could soak her blisters. She left the tea on her hands about an hour then we slathered Carmex(R) all over them. The next morning we did the same thing, tied wet tea bags to her hands for about 30 minutes and then slathered Carmex(R) on them.
You can see in the picture that her blisters look worse the next night because they are all red but they are actually better because they get all toughened up – as evidenced by the fact that she used those blistered hands on Thursday to finally complete her first unassisted kip.



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