To those who believe #youngkidsshouldbebannedfrom various venues – I’m a parent and I believe in karma

I read about the restaurant in Pittsburgh that has banned kids under 6 but I didn't realize how big this how thing has gotten in the social media arena… When I saw the article about the restaurant I thought, "Well, my kid is eight now, so I guess she's 'acceptable' but, jeez, she was a really well-behaved 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old. I don't think it's fair to punish the good kids."
I have a little anecdote I would like to share with all the "kid-haters."
I have been taking my daughter on vacations with me and my mother since she was 5-months-old. She is a well-mannered child who is perfectly capable of entertaining herself for fairly large chunks of time. When she was really little (less than 3-years-old), she fell asleep about 5 seconds after the plane lifted its wheels and woke up about 30 seconds after the wheels touched down again. Even after she stopped sleeping through the whole flight, she was easily entertained with coloring books and DVDs of her favorite Disney channel shows.
One year when she was about 3 or 4 years old, we were going on a cruise out of San Diego, which is about 1hr 25min flight from where we live if you get a direct flight. There was a young man sitting in the same row as me and my daughter but the flight was not very full so once the flight attendants gave the okay, he found a new seat in an empty row. What he didn't realize is that he had seated himself right behind a family that had three children below the age of six (by my estimations).
I was a little offended that he assumed that my daughter was going to be a nuisance, I was well prepared with snacks and various activities and knew I would have no problem keeping her pleasant and respectful for the short flight. So when I saw the situation that developed mid-flight, I admit that I felt a little bit of smugness and self-satisfaction: my daughter played with her coloring books and chatted pleasantly with me about our upcoming cruise for the whole flight while all three kids in the row ahead of the young man who moved were crying and throwing temper-tantrums starting about 30 minutes into the flight and continuing until the plane landed in San Diego.
Served. Him. Right.
Would it have been that hard to ask me if my daughter had ever traveled before? If I had answered no, then he could have said, "Say, she might be more cheerful if she has more room to play so I'm going to move up to that empty seat up there." But since I would have said, "Oh yes, she's a really good traveler. She loves to color in her coloring books and talk to me about what we are going to do on our trip, we've got all sorts of stuff to keep us busy – this flight is going to go by in no time at all," he could have stayed put and avoided the drama of the temper-tantrum family. Well, not avoided – it wasn't that big of a plane – but at least maintained some distance from it.
Remember – not all children have been raised equally – some (I would venture "most") of the under 6 set have already been instilled with good manners and have been??taught??to quietly entertain themselves when they are??in an environment that calls for more subdued behavior.

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