@selenagomez is not just @justinbeiber’s girlfriend

I just saw an article that said Selena Gomez has met Justin Beiber's whole family… good for her. She's young, in love, I have nothing against that.
But even though this article called Selena by name in the headline, it reminded me of an irritating trend I've been seeing lately. My daughter's and my favorite Disney star seems to no longer have a name of her own. I have seen too many headlines about "Justin Beiber's Girlfriend (this)" and "Justin Beiber's Girlfriend (that)." In my opinion just one headline like that is too many, she has a name -??you know….
Why, in the 21st century, is a woman still defined by her man instead of herself? I love Selena for all the things she's done acting and singing over the last two years since my daughter got old enough to be interested in watching "Wizards of Waverly Place."
Not because she's now hanging out with a trendy young male pop star. In my opinion the headlines should be reading "Can Selena's boyfriend??keep up fashion-wise?" or something like that instead of the "Justin Beiber's girlfriend hot red carpet look" like I saw the other day.
I'm not saying I dislike Justin Beiber or disapprove of the relationship. It just infuriates me that in this day and age a talented young woman is suddenly defined by who she's dating instead of her own numerous talents, impeccable style, and easy confidence.

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