Pet Peeve: "Kid-Friendly" meals

I was just surfing the net for a quick and easy dinner recipe for tonight and I saw a phrase that I have just realized is a small pet peeve of mine: "Kid-Friendly."
In my opinion, the reason we need "kid-friendly" meals is because we have decided, as a society, that kids don't like the same food as adults. My kid likes more food than I do.
Last night I got wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. I got 12 wings with teriyaki because the whole family loves the teriyaki sauce. Then I got 6 wings with honey bbq because I remember liking the honey bbq when we had them for company bbq's at my last job, even though the BWW site says the honey bbq is spicier than the teriyaki.
We are all at home eating, my daughter gets done with her teriyaki wing and reaches in to get a honey bbq. My mom and I say stuff about it being spicy and she likes spicy if it's not too spicy and she's agreeing but my mom and I suddenly realized that she had no clue that we were trying to subtly warn her about the wing she had just chosen.
Finally, I said, "That one's not the same as the one you just ate, that one is a little spicier."
She replied, "Oh," with a one-shoulder shrug, and took a bite that tore of half the meat on one side of the wing.
After a bite or two, she started dipping it in the ranch, since I had pointed out that was what it was for, it takes a bit of the spice away, but she finished the wing. She had as many honey bbq as she had teriyaki.
I don't think we give kids enough credit – we create picky eaters by making a point of fixing "kid-friendly" meals for them to eat while we are eating something we consider "not-kid-friendly."
Anyway – pack to surfing the net for dinner ideas, maybe I should look at the "kid-friendly" meals just because *I* am so picky. 🙂

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