Engineer jokes

Here's an example of the geeky humor we engineers have. In a recent meeting talking about new parts and the new materials required to make the new parts, an R&D guy asked about the plans to switch to a new material. He said the new material had been fully characterized and there was plenty of data to support the change to the new material and that we should be making a plan do change over to it.
When the pilot line guy asked what kind of data, the R&D guy paused, like he was trying to organize in his head what the experiments were before listing them out, then he melodramatically exclaimed, "I ran it on one wafer and it looked great so we should convert." The whole room burst out laughing. His boss said that he had probably been waiting years to be able to deliver that one-liner. We played off it for the next twenty minutes of the meeting… we're geeks. 🙂

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