Kids say the funniest things

I went on a blind date last Thursday – dinner at a local Indian restaurant. The guy was nice enough, the date was set up by a dating agency so we only knew each other's first name. After you have lunch or dinner with a person, you have the option to exchange phone numbers. We did not, I was too shy to ask and he may have been letting me take the lead so he didn't come on too strong – who knows…
The funny part is when I got home. I walk into the house and Emee comes running down the hall way from her room and meets me at the point where the hallway comes into the living room. She asks, "Momma, you're not going to meet some guy and marry him, are you?"
But those guys out there are in for a tough time with me, apparently, because my instinctive response was, "Oh??no, not at all… I don't want to marry anyone." Is that a story I should tell the next guy to put him at ease? Or would it put the guy off that I don't see any scenario where I could be talked into marriage? Hmmm….

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