My 7-year-old is an AWESOME eater

My daughter had a few too many sweets at her class Christmas party. When I picked her up for lunch she said her tummy hurt because she had eaten too much and she couldn’t eat lunch. She agreed that she could come to lunch and she could just sip on a glass of water my mom and I ate.

I thought she was really full. It did not occur to me that she had just had too much sweet stuff and that she might decide to eat at some point in the meal. I did not even consider ordering a moderately kid friendly meal so that she could share. I ordered an ahi tuna sandwich with grilled pineapples and a ginger wasabi slaw. Emee ate half of it. Did I mention that the tuna was extremely rare? I think they set the tuna on a hot pan for about 15 seconds and I’m not sure they flipped it.

So my seven-year-old ate a rare ahi tuna sandwich with ginger wasabi slaw and liked it. I am so glad she is such a good eater. I hope it helps her continue to be a healthy eater.
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