Feeling like such a MOM!

My daughter's school Christmas program is tonight. The program is a Patriotic Christmas and she is supposed to wear a white polo shirt, navy blue pants, and a red Santa hat. She is also supposed to have a long skirt that she can slip over her pants for one part of the program.
Long, ankle-length skirts are not exactly the fad right now. I had doubts about whether I'd be able to find an ankle-length skirt in her size even at a second-hand store. Then I had an epiphany. I would get an adult size??pull-on skirt at a second-hand store, tighten the elastic waist to fit her waist, and hem it up to the right length (if necessary),
It worked like a charm. I found three adult size skirts that I thought were the right length or a little longer. Two of the skirts had elastic waists, one had drawstring waist that I was confident I could replace with elastic.
Once I got the skirts home, I realized the drawstring skirt only had the drawstring in the front, it had a side zipper. The drawstring went from one??side seam to the other, it was a workable drawstring, but it??threw a wrench in my plan to just string the elastic??directly through the drawstring holes and minimize the??modifications.??But, of course, that was the one that Emee wanted to wear. No problem. I measured out a length of elastic that fit around her waist. I cut it in half. I snipped open the waist at the back side of the side seams and ran the elastic through the back of the skirt from one side seam to the other, sewing it down right at the seam at each side.
In retrospect, because of the drawstring front, I probably could have stopped there. But I didn't think of that. I took the other half of the elastic and ran it through the front of the skirt the same way, sewing it down at each seam again. In the process, I added about a half an inch to the mix because I sewed the elastic about an eighth of an inch away from the seam on each side of the two seams. But I had already thought of that and figured that the "over-the-pants" factor would mitigate the fudge factor on my sewing.
When Emee tried it on last night she was not wearing her pants under it, it was almost an inch to big around the waist but she just pulled it tight with the drawstring and tied a nice, neat bow. Then I told her to just pull the skirt off with the bow tied because the elastic would stretch – she wasn't going to have time to tie the drawstring at the concert so now that she had it tied to the right size, she should just pull it on and off keeping it tied. It worked PER-FECT-LY!
I love when I get a chance to be crafty like this for her. It shows that even working moms can do some of that stereotypical mom stuff and do it well. I'm excited to see how she looks tonight and to see what the other moms did for the other girls in her class. I am sure all them will look adorable.

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