Teddy Bear Meet – Floor Routine – 11/15/2010

I had to take a day off to finally get these loaded. Not really. I'm taking the day off because Emee has a meet tonight at 6pm and I didn't want to rush home to get ready and get her ready. But since there is another meet tonight I thought I'd better get last meets pictures online.
I don't have the video, yet. I can't find the CD that came with my video camera…??I put it "someplace safe" and now it's lost. I'm sure I can download the software from the JVC site but I just haven't tried to, yet. I'll work on that later this afternoon if I have time.
It may look like this "movie" cuts off in the middle of the routine. It really just cuts off the end. After the last frame of this movie, Emee did her last pose, then walked off the floor. But the picture of her last pose is just the back of the person whose arm you see in several frames. I have the picture, I just didn't include it in the movie since you can't see Emee at all.

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