Saturday’s meet

I still haven't managed to organize my pictures from the meet on November 13th. Emee did GREAT! I cannot believe how different she is at a meet vs. practice or even that "practice meet" two weeks before. I feel like last Saturday was the first time I ever saw her routines. I couldn't believe how beautiful her beam routine was. Afterwards she asked me if I knew what a "skills routine" was. Ends up I may have never really seen that beam routine because during practice they just do the major skills on the beam, they don't do all the little poses in between each skill.
There were eight girls in her age group at level 4. The meet was the "Teddy Bear Meet" so the girls got teddy bears with different color ribbons tied around their necks for 1st-6th place for each event. The girls that did not place in each event got a participation ribbon for that event. For the All-Around placing, they had bears with colored ribbons for 1st-6th again but 1st-3rd were different sizes from 4th-6th. 1st place got a nice large bear, 2nd place a bit smaller bear, 3rd place a bit smaller bear, then 4th-6th all got the same size bear??which was a bit smaller that the 3rd place bear. The rest of the girls got the same bear as 4th-6th but the bear had a brown ribbon around it's neck.
I will post pictures for each event throughout the next few days but here's a rundown on how she did in order of her group's rotation around the events:
Balance Beam – 6th place (still can't really believe she placed there, that's her least favorite event and she did the wrong dismount).
Floor – Participation ribbon (she needs to get her back handspring).
Bar – Participation ribbon (she has several skills there that she needs to get, she's working on it).
Vault – 2nd place…. SECOND PLACE! It was a BEAUTIFUL vault.
All-Around – Participation bear.
This was our first meet with a video camera, too. I have video of her beam routine with my still camera clicking off shot after shot in the background. My mom watched the whole floor routine through the video camera but forgot to actually start recording… darn it… And the bar was just far enough away from the chairs that my mom had a hard time keeping Emee in the view finder, the video is pretty good but my mom lost her on her dismount. Then the camera had some error during the vault that needed recovered so my mom got her first vault but not her second; I think they were pretty similar. I haven't loaded the video camera software onto our computer, yet. I'm hoping that the software allows me to add some music or something so that I can get rid of the background noise. And we'll just have to make sure we aren't sitting side by side for the next event, that way my still camera won't be heard on the video.
I'll post the videos, too, once I get that figured out.

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