Stranded Cruise Ship

Have you heard about the Carnival cruise ship stranded of the coast of Mexico? They are towing it into San Diego but that may take days and the ship has no power due to losing it's engines in a fire. The cruise line is going to refund the full price of the cruise, reimburse traveling expenses incurred by the mishap, and give passengers a free cruise in the future.
The articles and videos are speculating how many passengers will accept the offer. I would say all of the repeat cruisers. If you like cruising, an incident like this, where no one was hurt and where you are getting a double refund would NOT be a reason to stop cruising. Maybe I should say all of the Captain Circle cruisers (repeat Carnival cruisers). If this is a cruiser's first time on Carnival, he or she maybe reluctant to give the company another chance but if I was on that cruise I would be stressed about getting back to shore, worried about missing extra days at work, but definitely happy with the compensation package and probably already planning where I was going to go on the free cruise.
I've gone a whole week camping without a shower so I wouldn't be that bothered by the lack of hot water and I can stand Spam for a few days if I'm not spending my money to eat like that. But that's just me.

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