Toastmasters District 15 Fall Conference

I had a great time at district conference this weekend. It was fun hanging out with my Toastmasters club members outside of a meeting and it was fun meeting Toastmasters from Utah, Nevada, and Oregon. The speech contests were fantastic. I can only hope to speak that well someday. The only hard part was that Emee isn't used to me spending whole chunks of time away from her on weekends. My mom was hanging out with her and they were definitely busy with private gymnastics lessons and playing at the hotel pool but Emee still got teary eyed each time I met with them on break and had to leave again for hours. I suppose I could write more specifics about conference but right now I need to get the dog and cat fed and get over to church: Babu and Emee are there in Sunday school (Emee attending, Babu teaching) and I'm going to meet up with them when they get out. And I have to settle back into mundane life this afternoon: grocery shopping and housekeeping. It's back to the normal grind tomorrow but that's life. At least my normal grind isn't so bad, either. And weekends like this just make life more perfect than it already is, if that's possible.

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