Having a Good Day

I'm having a good day and I thought I would just share that with everyone.
My cold is getting better, I don't feel like I'm in as much of a fog as I was yesterday. There were a couple of key projects that I worked on yesterday that I did not complete as well as I could have, I think. No catastrophic mistakes but I could have been a little more detail oriented on some updates I had to send out yesterday, oh well. People are questioning some of the data but it will work out, I think. Maybe we will not be able to skip some steps on this project that people were hoping to skip but that may not be a bad thing. My data was supposed to show whether we could skip some steps or not and although I wasn't sure we should skip steps (I'm just not a step skipper by nature) I thought the data supported skipping the steps. But since I wasn't quite as detail oriented in presenting the data as I usually am, people are questioning whether it is wise to skip steps. Like I said, that may be a good thing.
I'm also still in a pretty good mood from the weekend. It's only Tuesday, the Sunday night contentment is still lingering. This weekend we did our favorite holiday activity of the whole year: we got our pumpkins by going on the Pumpkin Liner Train. This year it was even more fun than usual. We ran into some friends as soon as we got on the train and we hung out with them the whole trip. Emee played with her friends, twin girls just a month younger than her and she's known them since she was just one year old (they went to the same daycare). We (the grown-ups) just sat and talked and enjoyed the scenery on the trip to the "pumpkin patch." I didn't even mind that I had a cold and we were sitting in one of the open air cars. It was a beautiful day and we had great company.
There was a "haunted house" that the girls went through about 15 times, maybe more. My mom went through it once and said it wasn't that scary but when we got back to the car and were driving home Emee told us how fun the haunted house was because it was so scary. The difference in perspective is rather amusing. My mom said it wasn't scary because all there was in the haunted house was a guy dressed up as??a ghost who said "Boo" when you came in the door. Emee said the reason the haunted house was so scary was because there was a guy dressed up as a ghost who chased you through the house. The route through the house was probably 10 feet long so I can imagine that the guy taking a couple steps come up and say boo would seem like chasing to someone who wanted the haunted house to be scary but not too scary (like a seven year old).
It was a really nice weekend and since Monday was a kind of foggy lost day for me because my cold, the nice feeling from the weekend has lingered into Tuesday afternoon.


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