The Beauty of Cell Phones

I have a story that perfectly illustrates why parents should have cell phones.

Last night, about 10 minutes after I left work, my cell phone rings. My mother had been stuck in fully stopped traffic trying to get on to the freeway for the last 10-15 minutes. She describes her situation and says she is trying to decide if I should pick Emee up on my way by that part of town or if I should get dinner first and see if she was out of traffic yet. Meantime, I???m barreling toward town at 65 mph and am about to come to the exit for Emee???s daycare. I tell her that I???ll get her and then Emee and I will go get dinner together. She just needed to get to the next exit, get herself turned around, and get home; we would meet her there.

Ten minutes later, I was at Emee???s daycare, my mom was still inching her way to the next freeway exit, which I think is only a mile from the one she used to get on the freeway. Forty minutes later, after Emee and I had already stopped for food, waited for it to be ready, paid for it, and started??on our way home, my phone rings again. It???s two minutes to 6:00, my mom is just getting home???

Emee and I saw the problem on the freeway on our way to get food, it was right by the exit that my mom was trying to get to so she could turn around. A semi truck was stopped in the middle of the road and there was a tow truck there, I don???t know exactly what was going on but traffic was stopped.
Given that my mom had practically made through the traffic jam when she got to the next exit, she might have been able to get to Emee???s daycare before 6pm. But since we had cell phones, she didn???t have to worry the whole time she was stuck in traffic about whether or not she would make it to the daycare in time. She knew that I had Emee and that we would see her at home when she finally managed to get there.

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