Stormy summer day

I love days like today. It’s been so hot here in Boise the last few days but a cold front is moving in today and the skies are gray, the horizon is streaked with rain, and thunder is rolling across the valley. It’s humid and warm but not too hot.

At 11am the Weather Channel online ( said it was 74 degrees with a humdity of 46%, which is high for Boise. So it’s not to hot and humid to be muggy but definitely humid enough to notice the difference from a regular scorching summer day.

I associate these hot, stormy days with the end of summer but we’re actually still in the first half of summer. This weekend is the half point of summer… so this weather is just teasing  me and making me long for the warm, blustery days of fall. But I still like these days, even if I still have some parchingly hot summer days ahead of me before the weather truly turns to fall.


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