Wow! Glad it wasn’t my kid…

Something weird just happened in Emee’s gymnastics class. One of the girls broke her arm but it was so surreal, I am still not sure I quite believe it.

I was not in the parent viewing area so I didn’t see what happened. But I did see Emee’s coach sending someone out to the office area where I was sitting. The girl told the office person that the coach wanted her to call (first-name last-name)’s mom because she hurt her arm. The office person asked if it was bad and the girl said, “Well, she’s sitting there crying.”

When the office person got the mom on the phone, it was so strange. She was very non-chalant and said something like, “Whenever you start heading over here, they wanted to let you know that (first-name) broke her arm.” Just whenever? Oh, and she had everyone around her because some how that comment implied she was okay and the mom didn’t need to hurry.

So I moved back into the viewing area and the girl was not crying anymore but she was trying VERY HARD not to cry. The coach had her arm in lots of ice and was tying a makeshift sling around her neck. Another coach had taken the rest of the girls in Emee’s class over to another section of the gym so they could keep working out. The coach was sitting with the girl but other coaches were just going with their thing, getting their classes together, eating their dinners, it was very strange. I thought there would be more hubbub but I guess, in a way, the calm way they took care of things helped the girl calm down and be brave.

Looking back on it (since it happened a whole hour ago), another strange part is that the girl’s first name is the same as my daughter’s (but spelled differently) but I never thought it was Emee that was hurt. Another funny thing is her last name is also a color, like our last name is, but not the same color… 🙂

The main thing I learned is that an arm that has enough of a dent almost positively be broken is NOT a 911-get-an-ambulance event… again, probably a good thing… that would be a lot of extra cost for something that probably doesn’t need it.

Another mom told me that was a perfect example of why the parents should stick around while their girls are in class (the team coaches discourage it since the girls look to the parents for approval instead of listening to the coach). But the irony is that the girl is probably still sitting in the ER waiting room, she probably hasn’t even seen a doctor yet, let alone gotten any xrays to confirm the break. It’s going to be a long night for that family…


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