Nice Dinner Out

Today my photo is from the Web. I did not feel like I could pull out my phone to take a picture of our dinner at the sushi restaurant so when I got home I searched for pictures of seaweed salad on the Web and found this one on a blog posting from September 2008. I’ve put the link at the bottom because I want to give credit where credit is due.

Emee was so well behaved at the restaurant today. The best she’s been for a long time. The waiter even complimented her on her behavior. I hope this positive feedback helps the trend continue.

When we first got there, the waiter was giving us the list of items for their children’s menu and I didn’t want to interrupt but I was trying to motion with my hand and shake my head to let him know that we didn’t need to order off a children’s menu. Emee got sushi rice (because it often has seasonings in it that the regular stick rice doesn’t have) shaped like it would be for nigiri sushi but with no fish on top. But first she totally devoured her share of the seaweed salad appetizer. She ate her food, talked to use, very subtly listened to other conversations around her… and she didn’t try to crawl under the table, not even once… very grown-up.

You know we all do it… during those lulls in conversation you eavesdrop on fragments of conversations at other tables. But you don’t stare, kids tend to stare while they’er eavesdropping but tonight Emee didn’t stare at other tables. Her attention seemed to be on our table the whole time but she knew what we were talking about when we made comments on those bits of stray conversation. It was a very nice dinner… If I knew that was the Emee that was coming to the restaurant with me everytime we went out, I would never worry about taking her with us.


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