Day at the zoo

Today my picture is not from my phone. Today my pictures (yes, pictures… plural) are from my Nikon D40. Today Emee had a play date with old friends from her kindergarten. I am only posting pictures of Emee because I don’t think I have the right to post her friends pictures out in the open on the internet. I know, most of you are probably reading this from a link from Facebook and are thinking that I can restrict who sees stuff on Facebook. Yes and no… I know there are ways to restrict things on Facebook but I’m not counting on those measures to keep my information safe. But this is actually a blog on, which is wide open to anyone who wants to read it, so I am not going to post any photos of Emee’s friends.

Emee had a great time with her friends, she hasn’t seen them since last summer… I’m glad she got to spend some time with them. Life gets so hectic and time just flies by and suddenly you realize it’s been weeks or months since you’ve talked to or seen a good friend. I am going to put a reminder in my phone to schedule another play date in May… because I don’t want to have the months go by and the next time she sees her friends is at her birthday party in June.

Oh…. and I’ve included a picture of some totally adorable, fuzzy goslings we saw at the zoo. 🙂



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